Fall Network TV 2019: How did they do?

The fall TV season is long gone, and around this time every year I like to look back at my preview post and see how the new shows faired. This year wasn’t particularly brutal, but it’s pretty clear that practically nothing made it. That’s actually normal. I can’t say there’s been a real winner among the freshman crop, but I can say that the turkeys left and were forgotten pretty quickly. Let’s take a look.

New shows

35 shows were scheduled to premiere this year. Not every one did. Here’s how they faired:

The Kenan Show (NBC): This familiar sitcom was pushed to the ’20-’21 season.

Carol’s Second Act (CBS): CBS wisely decided that a show about a hospital probably wasn’t what we needed right now. Canceled.

Indebted (NBC): Turns out this was just Broke with a different ethnicity. Canceled.

Council of Dads (NBC): Still plugging along but not making any waves.

Broke (CBS): This show and Indebted were too similar. Neither made it. Canceled.

Bob Hearts Abishola (CBS): Despite a sluggish first season, this one’s been renewed, mostly due to Chuck Lorre’s track record.

For Life (ABC): Looks like this derivative law show is coming back for now.

Nancy Drew (CW): 18 episodes have aired, with no word if it is coming back.

Not Just Me (Fox): Renamed Almost Family, but it never took off. Canceled.

Perfect Harmony (NBC): This show actually had a decent following but was shelved early to make room for other content. The followers move on. Canceled.

Outmatched (Fox): This show aired in 10 episodes in the winter. No word if it will come back.

Sunnyside (NBC): This show barely even aired. Canceled.

The Unicorn (CBS): This show ended up being really hard to hate and so far, it’s on the slate for next year.

United We Fall (ABC): This show was pushed back and is airing this summer.

The Baker and the Beauty (ABC): Another romantic comedy bites the dust. Canceled.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC): This is another one that started airing late. The production costs are high and the views are low, but they say it’s been renewed.

9-1-1: Lone Star (Fox) This crime drama’s been renewed.

Batwoman (CW) So far this one’s still on the slate for next year, but will be re-imagined because lead Ruby Rose will not be coming back.

Katy Keene (CW) This Riverdale spinoff just didn’t spin. Canceled.

FBI: Most Wanted (CBS) Not surprisingly, this one’s been picked up for another season. Just another crime drama I won’t watch.

Mixed-ish (ABC) This expansion of the Black-ish universe resonated with viewers. It’s coming back.

The Great North (Fox) Fox loves its animation. This one will be back.

Bless the Harts (Fox) I guess they really do… Fox has renewed this one as well.

Duncanville (Fox) See above. Renewed.

Stumptown (ABC): This one was surprisingly good thanks to Cobie Smulders, but it hasn’t been picked up yet.

Bluff City Law (NBC): Say goodbye to another TV lawyer. Canceled.

Tommy (CBS): A hackneyed setup didn’t help this show. It won’t be coming back. Canceled.

All Rise (CBS): This show has heart, and that heart earned it a second season.

Deputy (Fox): I had to look this one up to see if it actually aired. Canceled.

Evil (CBS): It’s coming back, so you can rest easy.

neXt (Fox) This one’s been pushed back to the 20-21 season.

Lincoln (NBC): Renamed Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector, it won’t be collecting any more bones. Canceled.

Prodigal Son (Fox): Someone decided this was good enough to come back.

Emergence (ABC): Too hard to understand. Canceled.

Filthy Rich (Fox): Pushed back to 20-21.


Well, let’s see how we did.

Returning shows: 13

Still on the fence: 4

Pushed back: 4

Canceled: 14

All in all that’s not as bad as most years actually. More shows are being given a chance to gain a following, and that’s a good thing. Of course we don’t know what’s to come for the fall… that’s another whole thing.

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