NICE AND EASY: Do you need a DIRECTV HR54 Genie to use the C61K 4K client?

This is the DIRECTV C61K Genie Mini Client. If you want to watch DIRECTV’s 4K pay-per-view programs, you’ll need it, or you’ll need a DIRECTV 4K-ready TV. You’ll need a Genie DVR, too, but it doesn’t have to be an HR54… yet.

You can run the C61K 4K client with any Genie, that’s model HR34, HR44, or HR54, and it will give you access to DIRECTV’s library of 4K pay-per-view titles. Remember, as of the moment I’m writing this, there isn’t any live 4K programming yet. (Obviously, that could change.) So you don’t have to worry about live 4K yet.

When live 4K programming starts, DIRECTV may use its new reverse band capacity for it. Their newest satellites are up and ready to receive, once there’s some 4K content to receive. If 4K programs do use the reverse (RDBS) band, you’ll not only need an HR54 Genie but a new dish that isn’t available yet. Several sources have reported that the new dish is in test homes in the Northeast, but don’t get one from eBay or anyone else. First of all they’re most likely stolen and second of all they just may not work. It’s not worth it considering there’s nothing to receive!

When 4K does roll out, if you’re still rocking an older HR34 or HR44 DVR, it’s pretty likely that there will be some sort of upgrade program in place, but details aren’t available yet. If you’re setting up something now, yes I would say be as futureproof as possible and get that HR54, but if you’re worried about your current equipment, we’re still quite a while from the point where you should take action.

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