8 Wedding Movies and Shows to Binge Right Now

If you’ve got your wedding around the corner or your best friend’s wedding around the corner, you shouldn’t be watching movies. Certainly, not shows either.

You have a lot to do right now!!!

But wait. Is that a lot overwhelming you? Has it somewhat drained the energy out of you?

Or let me guess. This unfortunate social distancing and stuff have robbed out all your creativity, enthusiasm, and energy. You’ve no idea where to begin and how to get things right. Is that so?

Well, I can’t help but guess all the possibilities that have brought you to this page. There’s a high chance you’re suffering from imposter syndrome and don’t want to mess things up. You probably seek some advice from celebrities and are here to get lead to the right shows and movies.

In any case – I’m glad I composed this handy list because this is just what you need.

If you find the spark missing in you despite the deadline being around the corner, the following movies and shows are some wise investments to make!

1.      Bride Wars

Bride Wars is an excellent means of rejuvenating your creativity. Liv and Emma – the childhood best friends – have been planning their weddings since childhood. The movie gives elaborate, ornate, and super creative ideas of both proposals and the actual event.

We particularly love how both get proposed on the same day by their boyfriends. And their engagement rings are such a sight! Both the ladies get a classic round-cut diamond, which became a sensation right after the movie’s release. Although diamonds have long been associated with engagement rings, the diamonds featured in this movie were an absolute favorite of ladies because of their size! It’s not too huge, not too small – just the right size!

2.      The Wedding Coach

Alright, let me tell you. You find The Wedding Coach in here as a part of reverse psychology here. I firmly believe in its effectiveness!

Led by Jamie Lee, The Wedding Coach is again a reality show wherein Jamie Lee helps couples get through their wedding planning struggles. The show might have received an abundance of rotten tomatoes from people who are not yet linked to wedding planning.

Those are even one percent associated with the whole planning thing – this show provides gold knowledge. It’ll show what to do & what not to do. If you have chaos in your mind, this show will give you a clear direction.

3.      My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding is from 1997. Two best friend’s who vowed to marry each other ages ago now feel drifted apart. But when the male lead reveals he’s engaged, the woman becomes enraged! She rediscovers her love for her best friend and sets out to get him back.

4.      Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding is a short film on how hate drives to love. Frank and Lindsay’s fate collide when they’re on their way to a destination wedding. Their hate for the events and unnecessary cheerfulness around isolates them from most of the wedding guests, bringing them both together. As they spend time with one another, get to know each other, a lot turns out to be common (along with a feeling!)

5.      Marriage & Mortgage

Marriage and Mortgage is a Netflix series on one of the major decisions to take: a grand wedding or a grand house. If you have a budget for both, then what share should you allocate to which?

If finances are what concerns you, then this informational reality show is a must-watch for you. Of course, it keeps entertainment and romance in check. But it primarily delivers a key concept, i.e., what to prioritize and how to divide the budget?

6.      Bride for Rent

If you want to lighten yourself up and have a good laugh. If you wish to break off from the stress, then Bride for Rent is a perfect pick. Hop on with your friends and enjoy the tale of Rocco and Rocky who are both in need of money.

Rocco hires Rocky to play the role of a pseudo wife, so he gets his share of the inheritance. And Rocky takes up the role because she needs to pay the rent. They play along well until suddenly things start to get real!

7.      90 Day Fiancé

In the summers of 2021, 90 Day Fiancé won the attention of the masses. It won over 2.2 million views over cable TV with its episode Happily Ever After!

It’s a reality TV show that uses an immigration law to determine the fate of the couples. Citizens of the U.S. who tend to have developed long-distance relationships use the K-1 Visas to call their boyfriend or girlfriend to their country. After that, they have a maximum of 90 days to determine whether they can turn their relationship into marriage or would like to part ways.

Since the couple has a limitation of time to explore their relationship, the pressure in the show is real. And so is the drama! The show reveals how some individuals would do anything to get US citizenship, how some individuals respect love enough to not treat it as bait, and how some couples genuinely found true love.

The show was originally aired in 2014 and has had a total of eight seasons and 79 episodes.

8.      Four Sisters and a Wedding

If you have a lot of wedding plans already on your mind and you need a kit-kat break only to get fueled to execute your plans, then this movie is your pick. Four Sisters and a Wedding features a happening yet emotional plot wherein four sisters get back home to stop their youngest brother from making a hasty wedding decision. The movie rolls up real interesting, builds up the climax, and walks the characters into issues they buried ages ago. And the promising end will bring you the spark you need.

Final Thoughts

I hope the list above gave you a head start on your journey. I’d suggest you pick at least three of these titles and watch one daily. But of course, if you’re opting for a show, stick with one. This fantastic wedding-oriented media will surely provide you with the push you so direly need!

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