82 days. 32,000 dominoes. There are no words.

I bet we all have at least one friend who was actually excited to quarantine back in March. You know that one friend who said that they were going to be super productive? They would read all those books they’d been putting off, or do a craft project, or something like that? Maybe you’re even the one who said that stuff.

Well, some folks really did all those things. More often than not we sat on the couch and watched Tiger King. But hey, that’s ok.

And then there’s hevesh5

A Youtuber calling themselves hevesh5 took the time spent indoors pretty seriously. They’d done domino videos before, but this year meant they took it all to another level. Over the course of 82 days, and using 32,000 dominos, they created… this.

Now, I don’t think any of this was out of boredom or out of charity. It turns out hevesh5 is Lily Hevesh, who manufactures and sells the multicolored blank dominos featured in the video. So obviously there’s an ulterior motive.

But really this is impressive.

Folks, this takes commitment. I mean just to have something like this going for almost three months without knocking parts of it over by accident. Just the sheer investment in plastic. The planning. The cleanup. I mean what do you DO with 32,000 dominos? Recycle them? Use them as packing materials? Seriously, I want to know. Heck, I just want to know how long it took for them to clean up after all of that.

I had so many thoughts during this video. Mostly they had to do with the relative inadequacy of my life, my inability to plan, and how Lily Hevesh is obviously living in 3020 while the rest of us are in 2020. Mostly, though, one thought kept going through my mind, something that must absolutely be true. After all, there is no possible way I could be wrong about this, after watching this video.

Lily Hevesh does not have a cat.

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