FUN FRIDAY: Best way to defrost

Yep, winter’s here. And that means fogged up windshields for most of us, although if you’re in the southeast you probably deal with fogged up windshields all year round and if you’re in the desert southwest, you probably don’t deal with them much at all.

Foggy windshields are dangerous because, well, obviously, you can’t see through fog. So it’s responsible to fully defrost or defog your windshield before leaving the house. But of course this takes extra time and you’re probably rushing to work and trying not to be late. That’s where the video above will help you. It’s not made by Solid Signal, but it does seem like the kind of thing our customers would want to know.

It turns out there is a better way to defog your windshield, and it’s blasting the heat with the A/C on and the windows open. This gets the job done faster because that’s the optimum way to get the driest, warmest air hitting the windshield and that’s what you want. Turns out you can save a lot of time doing it this way, and maybe enough time that you’d consider actually waiting until you can see the road in front of you before putting it in drive.