Can’t kick the live TV habit? Try AT&T TV

Unless you’re a member of Generation Z, you grew up with live television. For most of the people on this planet, a constantly-on TV was a source of companionship and entertainment from morning until night. Live TV babysat you, helped you through those tough years when you were getting started, and later helped you manage your own kids.

Don’t let anyone tell you live TV is dead. It’s still the way that most video is consumed. It’s just not the only game in town anymore. On-demand video is the new kid in town with all the focus, but live TV is still out there entertaining the masses.

So you cut the cord and…

So you did it. You got tired of paying the cable company $125 a month for programs you thought you wouldn’t watch. You turned off cable TV service and decided that from now on, your TV watching was going to be all app-based. Good for you. While I’m still a big satellite TV fan — along with about 30 million other people in this country — there’s no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to television.

I do think that cable companies have been behind the curve for years. Most of them have inferior picture quality and a poor channel selection. If you happen to be in a market served by the “latest and greatest” that your cable company offers, great. But most folks aren’t and they suffer for it.

Cutting the cord opens up options for new streaming apps. You get that $125 a month monkey off your back and you can look for a lot of stuff you never thought of before.

But, spending hours just scrolling through Netflix can leave you cold. Sometimes you just want to discover something that’s on now. There are services like Pluto and Stirr that give you free live video, sure. But they’re still in the “not quite” category, without a real guide or any ability to pause or record. They’re live TV all right. Old-school live with tons of commercials and a blink-and-you’ll miss it attitude.

Get the live TV feeling back with AT&T TV

AT&T TV is a great compromise for cord-cutters who’ve developed “buyers remorse.” With AT&T TV, you can watch on your own streaming box or phone, but there’s a better way. With the AT&T TV box, you get the streaming apps you’re used to. You also get real, live TV. You get a remote that gives you real channel buttons. It looks and feels like you’d use if for cable TV. With the AT&T TV box, you can pause live TV. You can set up recordings that can be viewed on any device. And, you get a guide that’s just as good as any you’ll find.

AT&T TV costs less than many cable company plans, too. Plus, the first box is free and multiple boxes have a single, one-time charge instead of a recurring fee. You’ll get true 4K picture and high-quality sound that rivals the best that pay-TV can offer. And, you’ll get access to a lot of your favorite streaming apps like Discovery GO and ESPN for free.

The best part about AT&T TV is that you can try it out. There are no-contract plans if you just want to find out if it’s best for you. Remember how hard the cable company made it when you broke up with them? You won’t get any of that with AT&T TV.

Call the experts to get set up

Yes, you can sign up online if you want to. It’s easy. But if you’re looking for white glove service, why not call the experts at Signal Connect? They’ll take care of everything for you. We’re AT&T Preferred Dealers, and we can get you set up for no extra charge. We’ll give you the full explanation and then get things started for you.

Call us now at 888-233-7563 or fill out the form below. Don’t suffer without live TV any longer. Get live TV the 21st century way with AT&T TV.

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