Some commercials are worth watching

In this age where we skip as much advertising as possible, it’s hard to think that there was a time when great commercials entertained us and even gave us joy. Sure, for every “Mean Joe Greene” spot there were 100 Crazy Eddie spots which, for all their nostalgia, are hardly high art.

Those good commercials that survived, though, are really a testament to the days when live TV begged its viewers not to leave the room — not even for a moment — and listen carefully to the messages being offered.

Hubspot has done a good job of assembling eight uplifting commercials, including that Mean Joe Greene spot, but that’s far from the only list of great old commercials? What are the ones that made you tear up? What commercials gave you hope for a better tomorrow?

Here’s one from over 40 years ago that still brings to mind hope for a better future for us all, and the song was so good that it became a #1 single, with a few words changed of course: