The Ultimate Guide to the New Genie Menus

DIRECTV’s new Genie user interface is here! There has been a lot of confusion and we’ve published several guides to help make the transition easier. Take a look at this great content, and feel free to leave a comment if you’d like a new tutorial that isn’t listed here!

BREAKING NEWS: DIRECTV Rolls Out New User Interface For Genie

HANDS ON REVIEW: DIRECTV New Genie Menus (Summer 18 Update)

HANDS ON REVIEW: Even more changes to New Genie Menus

  1. How to sort programs in your playlist
  2. How can I show only local items on my playlist?
  3. Set up recordings with two button presses
  4. How to turn off Power Saving Mode
  5. How do I show only the channels I get?
  6. How do I stretch the content to fit the screen?
  7. Skip commercials completely
  8. Step by step: Hide Standard Definition Channels
  9. How to view your signal strength
  10. HOW TO DO IT: Record a series on just one channel
  11. Lost Caller ID with the new Genie menus?
  12. How to turn on Native Mode
  13. How can you mark and delete with the new Genie menus?
  14. Back up before the beginning of a recording
  15. Do the new Genie menus still support advanced search terms?
  16. How to turn on Dolby Audio
  17. A guide to Satellite Setup
  18. What happened to mark and delete in the new menus?
  19. How to get to DIRECTV On Demand
  20. How can I look far ahead?
  21. Stop your DIRECTV box from turning off after 4 hours
  22. How do you go to a specific time in the DIRECTV Guide
  23. How to reboot your receiver, client or DVR 
  24. How to clean out your series manager (DIRECTV New Menus)
  25. NEW VIDEO: Show SD channels on DIRECTV
  26. NEW VIDEO: Check your DIRECTV Signal Strength (Genie GUI)
  27. NEW VIDEO: Test your DIRECTV Genie system
  28. NEW VIDEO: Use On Demand with your new Genie Menus