FUN (creepy) FRIDAY: A stuffed animal that looks like your pet

Look, if this sounds good to you… I was recently reading an article on Lifehacker about Cuddle Clones, which are custom-made, $200 stuffed replicas of your pet. Now, it’s weird enough if you do this while your pet is still around but the thought here is that you would get a cuddle clone to help you deal with the loss of a pet. As I said, if that’s your cup of tea that’s all well and good. It’s not as creepy as people who actually stuff their actual pets, but I have to say this seems just a bit weird for me.

Not because you shouldn’t be attached to an animal, just the opposite. I just wonder if the next logical step is stuffed animal replicas of people and then that’s just a stone’s throw to this Black Mirror episode which creeped me out when I watched it and still does.

So I’ll leave it up to you folks… is it just a little weird to have a stuffed animal made to exactly look like your departed pet, or maybe would the money be better spent on a donation to an animal shelter? Too many questions, not enough comfort level.