FUN FRIDAY: 1948 iPod

Well, almost.

The photo above comes courtesy of Paleofuture. It’s not technically an iPod, but a jukebox. This monstrosity could hold 200 songs and play them in any order you wanted, as long as you selected one song at a time. This was back in the days where there was no real good way to take your music with you. There were radios in cars but really nothing you would want to carry around, and as far as choosing music you owned… this was it. It was expensive and obviously pretty huge.

Believe it or not, the history of these devices goes back even further. The first coin-operated music player was demonstrated back in 1889 according to Wired, and this was a thing where you stood there with a rubber hose up to your ear to hear music. (Keep in mind that most record players of the day were not even electric and could not play back very loudly.) It was the first pay-to-play music player and that makes it the spiritual ancestor to Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other services used today. Good thing we don’t have to carry it around, right?