FUN FRIDAY: Best Cosplay

Cosplay. It’s gone from being a largely unknown form of entertainment to something totally mainstream. It’s all about adults who dress up as their favorite characters in public. A generation ago such behavior was relegated to Star Trek conventions but today it seems to be exploding. In fact, it’s part of an overall trend where you’re seeing toys that are actually made for grownups as collectibles or just for fun. (Note to you all, do not try to find such products by googling “Adult Toys.”)

It’s hard to know why people in their 30s and 40s, who would have been considered community leaders in the past are dressing up as Captain America and Iron Man. It’s hard to know why people who might otherwise live lives as professionals also have smartphone-controlled BB-8s on their desks. But for me I say it’s not a bad thing. Whatever brings joy into your life and doesn’t hurt other people cannot be a bad thing.

So in that spirit I present this list of all-time best cosplayers, brought to you by ScreenCrush. Sure the list is four years old but darn some of these pictures show real commitment.

Take a look and then come back here and leave a comment.

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