FUN FRIDAY: Facts about Turkeys

Since this is the last Fun Friday before Thanksgiving, I pulled out this article from the Smithsonian giving us all sorts of fun facts about turkeys. It’s far from new, dating back to 2012. But, I think there’s still a lot of truth there. I don’t think that turkeys have evolved enough in the last decade to merit a completely new explanation of the topic.

The turkey as we know it is a fairly wobbly, odd-looking bird but apparently at least the wild ones are capable of flying 55 miles per hour. It sort of makes you wonder how anyone ever caught one.

When you think about Thanksgiving, though, you always think about the turkey. Even people I know who are vegetarians still think about turkey, even though they don’t eat it. So… enjoy at least learning about the animal who will be helping you give thanks. Next year maybe I’ll give you some facts about cranberry sauce.

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