FUN FRIDAY: Family Circus Archives

I wish I could say this was an encylopedic archive of every Family Circus cartoon ever printed, but it’s just a smattering. At, you’ll find about 50 of the best of those momentary chuckles we all grew up with. You can also look at today’s cartoon and ones from a little while back.

Since its start in 1960 under cartoonist Bil Keane, the strip has never gone out of print. Now produced by Mr. Keane’s son Jeff Keane. Chances are you think of yellowed cartoons posted on your mom’s refrigerator or gritty enlargements being passed along from person to person in those days before email and social media made sharing all that much easier. It’s a reminder of earlier days, and while it may not keep you laughing for long, on some days even a momentary smile is worthwhile and Family Circus certainly provides that.

Wikipedia alleges that the strip was once called Family Circle but the magazine of the same name objected. If nothing else that would account for the round edges of the comic, rare in 1960 and even rarer today.

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