Signal Connect Brings DIRECTV to Fire Department

When a fire department needed DIRECTV, Signal Connect jumped the hurdles and made it happen!

The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue faced a dilemma. Officials at the West Palm Beach, FL fire department wanted DIRECTV in a vehicle. The problem was finding a DIRECTV dealer that handled governmental work. Fortunately, the organization found our Signal Connect division from a post here on The Solid Signal Blog. Members of our Signal Connect team hosted a master class in customer service to make it happen.

The Fire Department Reached Out to Us

It was the kind of message Rob Young of Signal Connect was waiting for. The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue wanted DIRECTV for one of its vehicles. Rob was eager to finish the job, but he had to jump through a few hoops first. He explained, “We had to go through the process to become an approved vendor for the county. My supervisor Mike Kochenderfer got on the county’s website and filled out all the necessary forms.”

With the legalities out of the way, Rob was free to do what he does best. That’s delivering DIRECTV solutions to those who need them. “I helped them find the ideal DIRECTV package, two receivers, and other equipment for the fire department,” he recalled. “We shipped them the equipment and a week later I activated the account.” The mobile command center will see service as soon as the county finishes its vehicle inspection.

“It’s Not a Fire Truck!”

Rob learned something from his experience working with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. That was the difference between a fire truck and a mobile command center. The vehicle he helped deliver DIRECTV to is most definitely a mobile command center. In other words, it’s a fire engine equipped with all the latest communications technologies. “Think of it as a fire station on wheels,” Rob added.

If you’ve ever witnessed a fire department in action, you’ve probably seen a mobile command center. These vehicles are used on-scene to control and transmit information and instruction during a fire emergency. The technology also keeps fire officials in contact with other fire departments, first-responders, and the news media. “One of the things PBCFR will use their DIRECTV for is keeping up with weather conditions,” Rob explained.

DIRECTV for First Responders

Whether you need DIRECTV on an emergency vehicle or back at the base, Signal Connect can help. We’ve brought this service to a variety of fire departments and other first-responder organizations. As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, we can check to see if you qualify for any discounts. We’ll also walk you through the entire process and provide free tech support after the sale. Call us at 888-233-7563 to discuss. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us.

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