I geek out about Star Wars, but then there’s a whole other level where you make your own stormtrooper armor then shoot your own fan films. What you see above you is just one of them, talking about how stormtroopers felt just before they went to their certain death (the video tells us they all die, so sorry for the spoiler.) It’s cute and well made and I enjoyed watching it, but I have to say that you’ve got to be pretty hard core to do this kind of work.

Then again, if you really want to see commitment, take a look at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour. Superfan James Cawley became legendary for constructing the most meticulous reproductions possible of Trek sets and then shooting hourlong episodes on them, all without hope of compensation. It’s my understanding that Mr. Cawley has entered into an official relationship with the Star Trek people, after having a cameo in the 2009 movie. It’s very hard to argue with his being the absolute king of fan films. His original web site has been shuttered due to licensing concerns, but his original works survive on this YouTube channel. Folks, that’s real commitment. Even with today’s computing power it still takes hundreds of hours to get stuff like this done.

My hat (or helmet) goes off to these people who work so hard for the things they love so much.

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