FUN FRIDAY: The first web page

We take it for granted. It’s on our phones, it’s on our TVs, it’s everywhere. But none of this would be possible if it had not been for the very first web page. Credit for the invention of the World Wide Web goes to Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Before Dr. Lee invented the web page and the web browser, the internet was a very confusing set of individual computers with no real links between them. Today, we take point and click (or tap) functionality for granted but there was a time when it was so new that you had to explain it to people.

The very first web page is still alive. There isn’t a lot to it; the first version of the web protocols didn’t support pictures or fonts. Take a look at it:

We sure have come a long way since then, in ways that couldn’t have even been imagined back in 1989. Imagine what we’ll see in the next 23 years!