FUN FRIDAY: Owlkitty

Here’s another one of those Fun Friday articles where I tell you about someone who has spent a lot of time doing something. I will also say that I wish I had time to do this sort of thing and I don’t know how they have the time to do it.


YouTuber OwlKitty has a very specific vibe. They take video of their cat and insert it, rather expertly, in iconic movie scenes. Then they publish things on YouTube, and if their videos are well-received, they publish a making-of video.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

and of course you can find a lot more there as well.

Well done but…

Looking at some of the “making of” videos, these projects are taking about as long as you would think. I mean, you need to cajole a cat into doing something. That takes time by itself. Then you have to do masking, sometimes a frame at a time, color grading, new sounds, inserts, and honestly that’s probably 20-30 hours per video. This doesn’t even count the render times. If you don’t have a top-notch editing rig, it can take hours to render even a few seconds of video.

And I have to say, I enjoy this stuff. I do. I even enjoy helping this person get a few more views and subscribers. Not that they need me, of course — they’ve racked up 24 million views. I can only wish that the videos I create for Solid Signal could get that high.


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