FUN FRIDAY: Warp Speed

If you’re like me, you’re sitting back just waiting for the next episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. The first nine episodes blew by faster than a warp 9 trip to Jupiter, because of all the necessary backstory and introduction. Things finally began to gel and then… boom they’re on a two-month hiatus. I guess they really can disappear and reappear somewhere else, while the rest of us have to wait two months for a resolution. Even an old-school starship can get from one end of explored space to the other in that time.

To help you count the hours until you find out what happens to the crew of the sweariest, nakediest, discoiest ship ever to be part of the Trek universe, here’s a little video that shows just what warp speeds mean, since obviously there’s going to be some sort of long-term issue with Discovery’s spore drive that means we’ll never see it in any other show ever. So, get used to traveling “only” Warp 8 in the future.

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