Game of Thrones: The Final Recap

OK Thrones Fans, it’s seriously almost time. It feels like we’ve all been waiting about a decade for these final episodes. The last journey finally begins in just two days.

In order to help you get ready, this site has partnered with to show you recaps of all the seasons before.

There’s a lot to digest here. These are pretty good recaps though, and they will help you try to remember who’s a Targaryen and who’s a White Walker. You won’t remember all of it which is why you should really have the Game of Thrones Wiki open on your phone the whole time.

Everyone has their theory about what’s going to happen but my theory is that we’ll all be pretty disappointed with episode one. We all want things to get going instantly since we have been waiting so long. But I am guessing that we are still going to see a lot of grunting and sitting and even a meeting or two before the action really starts. Hey, as long as they don’t bring Ed Sheeran back I’m kinda fine with that.

Like you need me to tell you, the show is on HBO. If you don’t have HBO legally you probably can get a free preview of it on cable or satellite. Just call and get set up now so you don’t have to worry about it on Sunday.