“Should I Get a Refurbished Cell Phone Booster?”

Say the words “refurbished cellular signal booster” and people might start thinking about used cars. What’s the old saying about buying a used car? I think it’s, “You’re inheriting someone else’s problems.” While that could be true about a used car, it’s not the case with the refurbished cell phone boosters that Solid Signal carries. If you need to improve cellular calls in your home or vehicle, one of these refurbished units can do this while also helping you save money. Let’s take a closer look at these devices and how that can help you…

What a Refurbished Cellular Signal Booster is…

… Here’s the most basic definition: cell phone boosters that were returned by the original customer shortly after they bought it. These are typically resold at a discount, which makes them an affordable option for anyone who needs to improve cellular connection. While everyone’s reason for returning a cell booster is different, there tends to be three main reasons why it happens:

  1. The buyer didn’t realize he or she had to install the booster when they bought it.
  2. The person bought a cell phone booster only to find out that they didn’t have enough power to cover the area they want to enhance cellular signal.
  3. The purchaser lives too far from the cell phone tower to get signal. Cell phone boosters need some signal, even if it’s the faintest amount, in order to improve calls, texts, and data.

Are you wondering what happens to the antennas and cables that come with a refurbished cell phone booster? We have the answer. These components are checked for damage by the manufacturer. If everything is fine, they’re repackaged with the booster and put back on the market as a refurbished unit. If these items are damaged or aren’t properly working, they are replaced with new antennas and/or cables. Note: Some refurbished boosters might have minor cosmetic scuffs and scratches.

Considering that these units are barely used, you might wonder why the word “refurbished” is even used to describe them. They rarely break down, and broken units are thrown away because it’s not cost-effective to fix them. Despite all of this, the word “refurbished” has become the industry standard to describe “gently used” signal boosters.

How Much You Save with Refurbished Boosters

How much you save depends on the refurbished cellular signal booster you buy. Brand new cell phone boosters have a variety of prices, depending on the brand, size, and type of booster you buy. It only stands to reason that refurbished units will have a similar price range too. Let’s take a look at this on a case-by-case, or booster-by-booster basis:

Let’s say you want to enhance coverage for multiple devices in a 5,000 square foot area in your home. We recommend the weBoost 4G Connect for this application. If you bought the refurbished version of this cell phone booster from Solid Signal, you’d save approximately 20 percent. That’s just one of a few options you have for a cellular signal booster in your home. Here are the savings you can get when you purchase a weBoost cell phone booster from Solid Signal:

Booster Use Approximate Savings on Refurbished Unit
weBoost Home 4G Homes up to 1,500 square feet Refurbished unit: 25%
weBoost Connect 4G-X Homes up to 7,500 square feet Refurbished unit: 16%

*Prices might vary, depending on various sales and promotions. We also carry cell phone boosters from Hiboost, Smoothtalker, Surecall, Uniden, and Wilson.

Now let’s turn our attention to vehicle cell phone signal boosters. If you want to boost cellular connectivity for you and your passengers, you might go with a weBoost 4G-X. If you decide to go with the refurbished version, you’ll save close to 17 percent with Solid Signal. You can also get savings when you buy any of the refurbished weBoost vehicle cell phone boosters we carry:

Booster Use Approximate Savings on Refurbished Unit
weBoost Drive Sleek Boost one device in your vehicle Refurbished unit: 15%
weBoost 4G-M Multiple devices in your vehicle Refurbished unit: 22%
weBoost 4G-X Fleet Multiple devices in trucks and SUVs N/A
weBoost RV 65 Multiple devices in RVs, campers, and motorhomes N/A
weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Multiple devices in big rigs/semi trucks N/A

*Prices might vary, depending on various sales and promotions we might be offering. We also carry cell phone boosters from Hiboost, Smoothtalker, Surecall, Uniden, and Wilson.

Refurbished Cell Phone Boosters Covered by Warranty

Yes, they are when you purchase one from Solid Signal. We offer a 30-day return period from date of original purchase, and each refurbished cell phone booster is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Like I mentioned above, these refurbished boosters are practically brand new and, in most cases, they’ve barely been used. If you want to improve cellular reception in your home or vehicle, but you’re on a budget, a refurbished cell phone booster could be the way to go.

What About New Cellular Signal Boosters?

There are still plenty of good reasons to get a new cell phone booster. First of all, not every cell phone booster is available in a refurbished version. For example, we don’t have refurbished devices for trucks, SUVs, RVs, and big rigs. If you want a cell booster for your vehicle, you’ll have to purchase a new one.

It’s the same if you’re gifting a signal booster to a family member, for example. Refurbished units tend to come in plain packaging, which doesn’t exactly say “Only the best for you” to the ones you love. There are also those people who want the best of everything. They’ll likely want a brand-new cell booster, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Solid Signal: Your Cell Phone Booster Expert

We understand that most people who need cellular signal boosters aren’t connectivity experts. They’re regular folks like you and me who know they can’t afford to keep having dropped calls and texts and faulty data downloads. These people might not know exactly what type of signal booster to get, or whether they should purchase a new or refurbished unit. That’s where we come in.

Sure, we carry a wide variety of cellphone boosters, but it’s more than that. As this blog post illustrates, we’re all about educating people one what they need and why. If you want a refurbished cell phone booster or a new one, we can answer your questions and recommend the right product. Just give us a call at 888-233-7563.

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