Look folks, I really want to give away some antennas here. I have one of these Antop AT-413B antennas that really wants a new home. So I’ll make it easy for you.

Leave a comment that has a color in it. You can leave a sentence or a word, as long as there’s a color. And really it can be any color. I’m not picky. I just want you all to have some antennas. I’m serious. I’m clearing out all the antennas in the lab and you all can have them, but I do need you to leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win one.

Golly, I feel like Will Ferrell playing Alex Trebek. “Your own name. Write your own name.

That said, you will also be entered to with the antenna if you give any answer from any “SNL Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch, or simply write “Turd Ferguson.”

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