THROWBACK THURSDAY: 1985 Home Automation System

If you’re setting up one of those new smart assistants and automating your home, you’ll be impressed at how much home automation can make your life easier. You may think it’s a new phenomenon, but really home automation has been around longer than you think.

This YouTube video claims to show a working home automation system complete with touchscreen video, way back in 1985. The video was shot recently and clearly there have been updates to the system since the copyright date on the monitor is 1990. That said, I do believe that all the technologies you see here were possible back in the 1980s, although all the interfaces must have been customized and there’s no doubt that a system like this was very very expensive.

Back in 1985 I was way too poor to even walk into a store where something like this would have been sold, but I certainly imagined the possibilities. Today, however, this level of home automation (and much more) is achievable by almost anyone with just a minimal investment, and there’s no doubt that it’s getting better by the day!

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Stuart Sweet
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