1990 Consumer Electronics Show

Yeah, when Sega ruled the roost. If you’ve been following our CES coverage you’ve seen how things look today, but think back 25 years… things were a little different then. This was half a dozen years before DVDs, back when cartridge games were the biggest thing out there. This was the year Windows 3.0 came out.

You’ll have a lot of fun with this Flickr set from 25 years ago showing one person’s impressions of that year’s Consumer Electronics Show. This seems to have been largely scanned from some sort of print publication… remember folks in 1990 we were 3-5 years away from widespread internet access, 10 years away from affordable digital cameras and almost 20 years away from ubiquitous cameraphones. That’s what makes this set so special. It’s the past version of the future.

I didn’t start going to CES until 2006 but I recently looked at some of the photos I took back then and they look just as bad. There’s me posing next to a giant replica of a portable XM radio, me marveling at the RAZR phone, me taking in a slew of 42″ TVs that each probably cost $2,500.

Just imagine how goofy this year’s show will look in 2040.

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