THROWBACK THURSDAY: Antenna in a bathtub

Way back in 2012, when Solid Signal launched its first branded antennas, I went to some serious lengths to show that a flat antenna could perform well. Of course back then flat antennas were more of a novelty than they are today, so it took a little convincing. I took our HD-Blade antenna and subjected it to all sorts of tortures. I painted it. I poked holes in it. I put it under a cat. And… take a look…

I put it in a bathtub full of water. Now, I’m not an idiot, I didn’t put the amplified one in there, that would literally be suicide.

Still, I felt pretty confident that a non-amplified antenna wouldn’t kill me as long as I was fairly careful. As you can see, since I’m here writing this article four years later, I was right.

If you’re curious, the HD-Blade actually performed pretty poorly, which probably had more to do with the cast-iron tub than the water the antenna was submerged in. I could have done some more instrumented testing to prove that theory but it didn’t seem like a really important part of the process.

By the way, HD-Blade antennas are still available at Solid Signal.

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Stuart Sweet
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