Back in 2012 I got invited on a tour of DIRECTV’s Los Angeles Broadcast Center. At the time it was the most advanced broadcast center in the world. It probably still is, but take a look at my review of it. It hasn’t aged well, unfortunately.

From the old-school DIRECTV logo on the building to the matrix of standard-definition monitors, it doesn’t look good for this review. I mean, it still looks like a cool place to visit, but frankly I’m surprised that it hasn’t aged well at all. Even the server racks with their on-demand servers look kind of goofy compared to what you see today. And, I have to imagine that there is probably ten times as much content stored there today and so all those servers have been replaced twice over by now.

It makes me think that I need to head back down there. It’s been six years and I bet it’s all 4K now. When the broadcast center was built it was full of people, but by 2012 a lot of the jobs were done by automation. I bet it’s even more automated now.

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