THROWBACK THURSDAY: When people thought radio causes floods

A lot of people think global climate change is made up. That’s an argument for another site, let me just say that. But did you know that the idea that technology has been influencing weather goes back to the 1920s?

Our friends at Paleofuture found an article from the legendary Hugo Gernsback addressing the myth that floods, earthquakes and all sorts of weather were due to radio waves. Man-made radio waves were pretty new back then and people have a tendency to blame new things for anything, I suppose. You can read the full article here; it’s kind of funny actually. Mr. Gernsback was right that radio broadcasting wasn’t changing the weather but it’s even funnier that he didn’t rule out the possibility that more powerful broadcasts could change the weather, improve crop yields, or even make people more healthy. Maybe he was hedging his bets.

Today, the scientific community tells us that there isn’t any effect from radio waves broadcasting from a distance, not good and not bad. There are still some people who insist that cell phones could be rotting your brain but science can’t prove it at any rate, any more than they could ever prove that operating your phone on a plane would cause the plane to crash.

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