Almost a decade ago, I started a new feature: The Solid Signal Podcast. The first podcast was heard about 100 times across different media, not exactly a huge success out of the gate. But big things often have small beginnings. I wasn’t so sure about having a podcast, but I was into trying new things.

Hopefully I’ve gotten better since then

The first podcast was recorded with what I would definitely call “primitive equipment.” If I remember correctly I talked into my phone and used the voice recorder app. Over the years I’ve created a decent studio setup. Maybe it’s not the envy of podcasters like Joe Rogan, but it does work for me. I’ve had guests, I’ve done location reports, and I’ve gone off the rails, well, quite a few times.

The Solid Signal Podcast today

Today, the podcast hasn’t exactly taken over the world, but I’m proud to say that each podcast is heard about 6,000 times in the first week. It’s syndicated to pretty much every major podcast platform including Spotify. Not so bad considering it’s still a fairly “niche” thing. Later this year, we’ll do our 500th podcast. I haven’t decided if it’s going to be a big party, but it will be interesting anyway.

In case you weren’t with us back then (and I guess only about 100 of you were) here’s the original for you to listen to. I know it’s a bit cringey, as are many things from the early 2010s. But it’s here, I’m not running away from it.

Back then I was obsessed with the idea that everything I designed look like it was made 50 years earlier and left out in the sun. I am not quite sure why I felt that way, but all I can say is I’m glad I moved on.

By the way, if you’re really bored, or just curious, you can listen to pretty much every podcast I’ve done for Solid Signal. They’re archived on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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