It’s funny how fast things can get dated on the internet. Back in 2009, part of our social media strategy was a dedicated blog that did nothing but point to our YouTube videos. I guess the whole idea was that somehow people wouldn’t be able to get to YouTube by themselves? But whatever. It’s a neat idea, but these days it seems a little silly, like trying to explain to people how to send an email.

You know, it’s like, you have to press the little “at” button, it’s the shift and the 2, and everyone has like their name, and then the at button, and then aol dot com. No, don’t type the word “dot”, it’s a period.

(Come on, you probably had a conversation like that at some point.)

The thing is, the internet never forgets. SolidSignal.TV is still out there, although we stopped adding new videos to it in 2010. Take a look (click on the image to go to the live site:)


It’s actually a decent looking site if you ignore the chunky smartphones. Back in 2010 wireless charging was so new that most people didn’t know what it was, and today of course every top-end phone has it.

At some point I will migrate the content from that site to this blog, so it’s at least all in the same place, but for now enjoy this trip back to 2009!

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