DON’T DO THIS: “Go to town” on loose connectors

So the other day…

A guy says he is having signal loss problems with his DIRECTV system. We went through all the regular troubleshooting steps and he casually mentions that his cables are nice and tight now. “Now?” I said? Yeah, he said, he felt like his connector ends weren’t tight enough to the actual cables, so he took a pipe wrench and squeezed them with enough force that they deformed. Then he took some dielectric grease and smeared it all over, and put the whole thing in some shrink tubing and heat treated it. What a mess!

If you think your connectors are loose. the best thing to do is replace them. Don’t squeeze them or put them in shrink tubing, that will just make the problem worse. Dielectric grease has its uses but it’s not going to make up for a loose connector.

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Stuart Sweet
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