THROWBACK THURSDAY: That time I said 4K was a crock of…

Read it for yourself. In the fall of 2013, I published an editorial called, “Here’s why 4K won’t go mainstream.” I laid out in exhausting detail all the reason why 4K television just wouldn’t succeed.

It’s four years later and I think it’s safe to say that 4K television still hasn’t succeeded, despite the fact that a lot of people are buying 4K TVs. The big problem today is the same as it was in 2013… not enough content. There’s some stuff on streaming that isn’t “real 4K’ unless you have superhuman internet speeds. There’s the three channels available on DIRECTV plus all their pay-per-view, but beyond that, pretty much nothing.

I’ve been pretty pessimistic about 4K for a long time now, and I have to say, the problem is not me and it’s not your pay-TV company. It’s the networks that just aren’t producing 4K content. You have to wonder why that is.

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