THROWBACK THURSDAY: That time I said DIRECTV wasn’t merging with DISH

One of the really good things about AT&T’s deal taking on DIRECTV is that it’s finally put a rest to the long-persisting rumors that DIRECTV and DISH would merge. The companies did try to merge a long time ago, and the government didn’t look kindly on it. At that time, the two companies had fairly similar technology, but since both companies have gone their own way and their stuff is so different that combining them would be like trying to fix a foreign car with non-metric tools.

I finally got tired of the rumors popping up over and over again, and I went to town on the subject twice, once in 2012 and again in 2014. I even came up with this fancypants graphic that combined the look of the DISH logo with the words “DIRECTV” …

which is probably against all the standards and practices of both companies and I have to admit I’m a little surprised that no one has complained.

Bottom line though, the merger of DIRECTV and DISH never happened, and now with the partnership of AT&T and DIRECTV paying dividends all over the place, it seems very unlikely that DISH would ever be part of that party. In the last two years, several suitors have been rumored for DISH but all of them are companies that aren’t associated with pay television.

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