Cards on the table: If you think you don’t look like a dork in your Oculus Rift, you’re wrong.

VR headsets look dorky, 100% of the time. At least they will until someone manages to make a completely immersive headset that doesn’t look like a pair of welding goggles from the year 2176.

Virtual reality may be all the rage today, but it isn’t the first time. Back in the 1990s, VR was becoming very popular when all of a sudden people realized that the “reality” wasn’t that real and the headsets hurt your neck after just a few minutes. And then, people realized they make you look like a dork, which didn’t help.

Timeline has a visual essay
 about VR headsets of the past to illustrate the point. Take a look at it and you’ll just know these people thought they were all that and a bag of chips, and the photographer was stifling a laugh.

Some of the photos are actually pretty recent so you can see that today’s VR headsets are just as dumb and clunky as the older ones. The video and processor are better, though, so maybe you won’t take them off long enough to notice your friends laughing at you.

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