When I hated staying at a luxury hotel

Hard to believe it was six years ago when I wrote an article called, “EDITORIAL: Hotels are too far behind.” In it, I called out the Venetian in Las Vegas for having great views, a comfortable bed, and technology that looked like it came straight out of 2006. The internet experience was practically non-existent, I said, and that was a problem.

I wasn’t wrong

Back then, the standard line from hotel owners was “people come to hotels to get away from it all.” I called “bull” on that excuse. I said the real reason that hotel internet was so bad was that hotels only renovate every 7-10 years and the need for good data coverage was still fairly new.

In the years between then and now, many hotels have caught on. They’ve taken the cordless phones out of the bathrooms and added wireless access points in every room. They’ve beefed up internet capacity. Many hotels have even realized that people want to connect their mobile devices to in-room TVs and they make it easy. (In the past it was practically impossible.) Unfortunately not everyone’s gotten the hint. As recently as last year, I complained about the problem again.

Things have gotten better, for sure. But really the solution hasn’t come from hotels. It’s come from AT&T, as I first told you last year.

The real solution for bad hotel internet

It doesn’t matter if you are in a high-rise luxury hotel or a mom-and-pop in Ruskin, Florida. The real solution for bad hotel internet is the same. See, a hotel isn’t going to be able to keep up unless they spend a massive amount on internet service. Luckily, they don’t have to.

The real solution, as I said, came from AT&T. Back in 2013 you couldn’t get an unlimited data plan that would let you stream a high quality video or tether to your computer. Today those things are commonplace, and AT&T’s unlimited plans are better than ever. Not only that, the coverage is better than ever, meaning that even if you’re in a cow pasture in central Oklahoma, you probably get great cell service. Personally I’ve seen new cell towers in my area that have taken me from one bar with 10Mbps speed to five bars with 90Mbps speed. This isn’t even 5G… that’s still to come.

Don’t get left behind

This is the perfect time to upgrade your cell phone plan, but I can hear you thinking. After all, a lot of AT&T stores are in malls and that’s the last place you want to be right now. Dude, I totally get you. The only thing worse than being in a mall right now would be sitting for hours waiting for an overseas call center. Luckily you don’t have to do either of those things.

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