GenieGO is no longer offered at Solid Signal (or anywhere else.)

Yes, it literally went “poof.” Just a quick note to say that DIRECTV’s transcoding device, the GenieGO 2, is no longer offered by Solid Signal. Our friends at DIRECTV are telling us that no new devices can be activated. If you’re currently using a GenieGO or GenieGO 2, it should continue to work for now. I can’t say that the product will be supported forever.

This news comes straight from DIRECTV who have instructed us to stop offering the product. There are rumors of some new functionality to replace it but for now I suggest using the DIRECTV app for streaming straight from their servers or our USB Video Grabber if you want to transcode.

Certainly there has been some question about the timing of this move with DISH’s announcement of a similar device at CES, leading some to believe that a GenieGO 3 could be imminent.

GenieGO, originally called Nomad, has had a rocky history with DIRECTV. When the product launched, Android support was very limited and while the app has been updated, some functionality issues were always there. I personally used the product for years and it was a love-hate relationship.

If you’d like to share your GenieGO experiences, leave a comment below.

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