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Folks, I hardly need to tell you that you need internet service while you’re on the water. I mean, here’s a study that says people check their phones nearly 100 times a day. And I absolutely don’t doubt it. So when you think about it, when you get out on the open water, you’re not really leaving everything behind. Chances are you’re staying close to shore so you can still have a good connection. That’s great, but that’s not freedom. That’s being limited. And you… you don’t want that.

Satellite service 50 miles offshore

If you want to really get away from it all, you need to be far enough offshore that you can’t see anyone or any thing. But that would mean giving up cell service, right? Wrong. You can get online using satellite technology. With satellite technology it’s really common to get great results even 50 miles offshore. That ought to give you the privacy you’re seeking.

All it takes is a satellite antenna on your boat and a little extra hardware. Once it’s installed, you get a Wi-Fi network just like the ones you’re used to at home. Connect to it, and you can stream, shop and post to your heart’s content.

It’s called VSAT but not for the reason you think

The technology is called VSAT. Even though it has the word “sat” right in there, it’s not necessarily just about satellite. VSAT stands for “very small aperture terminal” and it’s the technology used to get that internet data to and from a satellite 22,000 miles away. It’s pretty cool that you can do it on a moving boat, too. The satellite antennas use the same technology that satellite TV systems for boats use, continuously re-aiming the antenna so you get the best signal.

It’s a luxury, but that’s what boats are about

Chances are you didn’t ever think your boat was going to make you money. Ok, yes, there are folks who fish or run tours, or that sort of thing. And they can use this technology as well. But I’m talking to the folks who like to live the good life here. And you all know that boating isn’t about saving money. It’s about experiencing life the way you want. So let’s get this right out in the open. VSAT technology isn’t cheap. But it’s really not any more expensive than other upgrades you’ve already done, and when you think about the benefits, it’s easy to see why you should do it.

Why get satellite internet from Signal Connect?

Signal Connect, the marine arm of Solid Signal, has connected more vessels with satellite technology than anyone else. We’re the leaders in this sort of thing. And now, we offer internet service directly. You can get hooked up with us and we take care of it all. We’ll get that installation taken care of, help you choose the right plan, everything you expect from an internet service provider… except one thing.

No one likes calling their internet provider. No one likes waiting on hold and dealing with call centers. So we got rid of all that. You’ll get a representative you can call back over and over, whenever you need them. It just starts with one call to 888-233-7563. We’re here for you when you need us. If you’d rather do it all over email, or would rather we call you back, fill out the form below! We’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.

Satellite service on the water… you know you want it. So why not get it?

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