How Do Signal Boosters Help Businesses Outreach?

A repeater is an active cellular and mobile Internet signal amplifier. The variety of models available on the market today is impressive. However, technical characteristics vary significantly depending on the cost of the device. Therefore, it cannot be easy to understand how one amplifier differs from another. For a clear vision of whether a particular repeater is suitable for a specific practical task, you need a deep comprehension of the issue.

When Do I Need a Cellular Repeater?

When does a business need a cellular telephone repeater? An active cellular communications amplification system based on a repeater helps improve the quality of voice calls and the stability of mobile Internet. Let’s try to systematize everyday situations. It is when a repeater is indispensable and warns against installing it when it is inexpedient. Staying connected for business is just as important as ranking your website for search engines.

Weak Signal Indoors

The incoming carrier signal on the street and a significant deterioration in the quality of communication indoors – a classic situation in which you need a repeater. Usually, the weakening of the radio signal level is due to the shielding of building materials. Thick walls and ceilings often lead to interruptions during calls, reduced mobile Internet speeds, or a complete lack of communication. Total signal attenuation is possible in utility rooms and basement floors of the building. Sometimes this problem is observed in the depth of the office, warehouse, or technical room.

Installing the amplification system involves placing an outside antenna outdoors, an indoor antenna indoors, and connecting the amplifier (repeater). The outdoor antenna must aim towards the nearest operator’s base station for the system to work effectively. Therefore, when selecting a repeater, it is necessary to have a clear idea of what cellular communication standard and frequency range you should strengthen.

Production should select a specific repeater model, antennas and cables should consider the distance to the base station, the area of the object (the premises where you want to make the amplification), and other conditions of the system. Requirements for a communication amplification system based on the repeater will determine the budget of the project.

Lack of Cellular Signal

It is a different situation when there is no incoming signal both indoors and outdoors. It is essential to understand that the repeater must pick up at least the weakest operator’s signal for successful work. If the object is located beyond the coverage area of base stations and there is no operator’s equipment within a few tens of kilometers, the repeater installation is meaningless.

The repeater requires an incoming signal to enhance the connection. The use of powerful panels and parabolic street antennas allows increasing the range of the amplifier. However, before buying a set of equipment, you still need to analyze the radio-frequency situation in the area. You can get reliable data about the current signal level on the street with a regular smartphone.

Unstable Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet is convenient both in cities and outside of major population centers. Therefore, it is essential for modern businesses always to stay connected and access the Internet.

Users of modern smartphones, 3G/4G routers, and modems may face problems with unstable connection (frequent disconnections) and low data transfer rates (data transfer rate is much lower than the cellular network allows). One possible reason for this problem is insufficient to signal strength from the operator’s base station.

Mobile Internet amplification is possible using both a repeater and an antenna alone (passive amplification). General principles stated above are valid for both cellular and mobile Internet networks: 4G amplification is possible only when the operator’s signal on the street is minimal. In the complete absence of cellular coverage, installing an amplifier will not help solve the problem of stability and speed of the Internet connection.

Weak Signal in the Car

The quality of mobile communications and the Internet can arise in stationary objects and transport, particularly when traveling by car. The source of such issues is the high shielding properties of the body or the distance from the base station. Therefore, it is the best option for the entrepreneur who is constantly on the road.

The primary specifics of car repeaters are high requirements for the compactness of the devices and the need to install a remote antenna. Since vehicles are constantly changing their position in space, specialists use omnidirectional antennas on a magnetic base, usually as car amplification systems.

Installation of an automotive system can improve the quality of communication when driving in cities and on intercity highways, in villages, and holiday communities. As in the case of the stationary object, a car amplifier will not help in the complete absence of a cellular signal. Its primary purpose is to reduce the length of the “blind spots” on the roads as far as technically possible.

Technical Capability of the repeater Installation

An important factor when choosing a repeater or a ready-made amplifier system (set) is the possibility to install the equipment at a site and provide power to active devices. The user must understand that installing the repeater also requires the installation of external and indoor antennas. Installation work can be carried out either by qualified specialists or by the user himself.

Setting up the repeater can be difficult if there are obstacles in the signal path between the base station and the repeater antenna. In this case, the experts recommend considering the possibility of receiving a signal from another nearby tower operator or processing a reflected signal.

Custom Design or Turnkey Solution?

Manufacturers of repeaters and accessories for cellular communications amplification systems often offer ready-made solutions – kits selected for specific tasks, including everything you need to connect and operate the amplification system. The main advantage of turnkey solutions is full equipment compatibility. In addition, the installation of the kit does not require the user to have deep radio communications and mobile technologies. As a result, specialists use turnkey solutions widely. As a result, communication amplification kits are a cost-effective and efficient solution for typical projects.

Individual projects involve specific requirements to the amplification system or non-typical operating conditions. Such cases include equipping extensive commercial facilities, the need for boosters, or project documentation development. Unstable radio conditions (stronger signal of some operators against the background of others) also make it necessary to call in specialists.

The involvement of highly qualified personnel in selecting equipment and installing the amplification system can achieve high-efficiency amplification. Specialists perform installation and adjustment of antennas and other equipment in strict accordance with the installation rules and consider the object’s specifics.

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