Happy Memorial Day: Offices Closed, Web Site Open

Our offices are closed today so our 100% US-based staff can enjoy some time with their families. Of course, you can still order online, but since none of the major carriers are shipping today, nothing is going to ship until tomorrow.

Remember the reason

Memorial Day is more than a day at the beach. It’s a time to remember the heroes who fought Fascism, Nazism, and every single other “ism” that threatened our way of life. It’s a reminder that a lot of those people didn’t come home. Today we take a moment from our busy lives to remember them. There’s probably a parade in your town square, and before you light up the grill you might stop and watch it.

Why Memorial Day?

Memorial Day seems to have started after the Civil War as a day to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers. At that time it was called Decoration Day and believe it or not I still heard that term when I was young. It makes sense to have that day in the spring when flowers are starting to bloom.

Both Northern and Southern cities followed this custom, eventually settling in on May 30 as the day for the observance. Today with our fondness for Monday holidays, it’s generally celebrated the last Monday in May. It looks like the “official” observance of Memorial Day has been with us since the mid-1960s.

Beach time

For millions of Americans, Memorial Day is thought of as the start of the summer season. Although some of us still have winter on our minds even in May, for others it signifies the end of the school year and the beginning of fun times at the beach. As you prepare for summer, think about the things you’ll need, like an in-car cellular signal booster or live TV streaming service that the kids can enjoy while you’re driving. As I said, our web site is still open even though our offices are closed…


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