Have you been to the new and improved SignalConnect.com?

Hey there… I know you don’t spend every waking hour reading The Solid Signal Blog. You know what? I don’t either. [Ssshhh, don’t tell my boss.] I head over to other web sites now and again, and I start by going to other properties operated by The Signal Group.

For example, sometimes I go over to one of our sister sites, SignalConnect.com.

What’s the story with SignalConnect.com?

Signal Connect is the corporate and activations arm of the Signal Group. They’re the ones businesses depend on for service. They’re also the ones who can help you get service in your RV or on your boat. You’ve heard me talk about them over the years.

SignalConnect.com is a different sort of site than The Solid Signal Blog. While we put out about 1500 articles every year, Signal Connect is a much more static sort of a place. It’s not the sort of blog you go to for daily information, it’s more the sort of place you’ll use for information when you need it.

But even a “static” blog can change

SignalConnect.com’s just gone through a complete back-end reworking. It doesn’t look a whole lot different, but every single bit of code has been reworked to give a better, more secure, and more modern than ever before. It sets the stage for a lot of improvements in the future.

Keep an eye on Signal Connect and you’ll find a lot more to like in the coming months. With our new platform we’ll be able to do so much more.

That’s not all, folks

Keep an eye on the entire family of Signal Group web sites, because big changes are coming! Bookmark this page and you’ll be able to get to our entire family of sites:

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