HBO and Cinemax Free Preview This Weekend

You can find out yourself whether these violent delights have violent ends with a free preview of all HBO and Cinemax channels this weekend on DIRECTV. Of course, they’re trying to pull you in with the season premiere of Westworld if that wasn’t somehow completely obvious.

Westworld took the framework of the 1973 cheesefest starring James Brolin and Yul Brynner and successfully updated it for our paranoid present. In the original, one robot gunslinger goes rogue and threatens guests at a futuristic amusement park. In the season one of the remake, a lot worse things happen.

Producers of the show, apparently cranky about the idea that the show’s main twist was successfully guessed on the internet, have threatened to reveal the whole plot of season 2 ahead of time. So far that’s been an idle threat. While season 2 seems to be about our robot friends dealing with their nascent consciousness, we actually know very little so far.

You have ample time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to binge the first season before settling in for the premiere. If you’ve already enjoyed Westworld, you should definitely peruse all the channels from 501-523 to see the other content there. Check out the on-demand pages too, because there’s a lot of content you won’t see anywhere else.

Cinemax is there too

While Cinemax has a reputation for soft-porn in the evenings, there’s a lot more on the channels than that. Cinemax has recent movies that you won’t find elsewhere. In fact, there is no Cinemax “go” app for streaming boxes and there is no standalone Cinemax service. If a movie’s on “Max” then it probably isn’t anywhere else.

Fill your DVRs now

As with all DIRECTV free previews, recorded content will play even after the preview is over. I recommend filling up that DVR with content from the live channels to give yourself plenty of stuff to watch later. On demand programs tend to expire after a few weeks, but with some smart recording you could have a supply of movies and original series to last you months.

If you like what you see…

There’s a lot of content on HBO and Cinemax. Recent movies, award-winning original content, great live sports, and more. Best of all, the HBO and Cinemax package from DIRECTV costs about the same as the standalone HBO NOW package and includes not only the live channels but also the HBO GO app which has 100% of the same content as HBO NOW. There’s no need to have both so if you have satellite TV there is no need to spend extra for a streaming subscription.

The HBO and Cinemax free preview starts Friday April 20 and continues all weekend. If you like what you see, call the satellite TV experts at Solid Signal. The number is 888-233-7563 and they’ll be able to get you all set up with HBO, Cinemax, or anything else you need to make your satellite TV experience truly exceptional.

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