Here’s the RCA-to-HDMI Converter You Need!

Finally, there’s an adapter that lets you use that older AV equipment on your new TV!

Nearly all of us have some older equipment that we’d like to connect to a modern TV. For some people, it might be a DVD player while others might have some vintage video game consoles. Whatever your electronics needs, you need an RCA-to-HDMI converter. It will let you connect your AV equipment to any HDMI-enabled display. We carry just such a device.

RCA Stereo/Audio/Video to HDMI Converter/Scaler

Wow! That’s quite a long name for a small device. It’s only 66mm x 55mm x 20mm. What this converter does for you is much bigger than its compact size would lead to believe. It lets you hook up most of your legacy AV equipment to any HDMI-enabled display. In its most basic terms, we’re talking about connecting older DVD players, video games, and similar equipment to newer TVs. Just about anything with an RCA input – the red, yellow, and white cable connection – will work with it and your current TV.

Who Needs an RCA-to-HDMI Converter?

A lot of people, it would seem. When we first offered this device in our “flash deal” email, it sold out in one day! We had a hunch it would be successful, but it’s always a pleasant surprise to find out something is THAT popular. Given that, we decided to order a few extra this time around to make sure everyone who wants one gets one.

Here are some of the questions we got from people interested in this device:

  • Is it compatible with GameCube? (Yes.)
  • What about Wii? (Yes, that too.)
  • Will it connect my Samsung DVR recorder to a Proscan TV? (Yes. Just be sure to connect the RCA cables to one side and the HDMI to the TV.)

There were plenty more questions but we think you get the idea. In every case, the answer was “Yes, you can connect it to your TV using this converter.”

Want the “Tech Specs”?

That’s short for “technical specifications” in case you were wondering. For most folks, it’s enough to say that this device connects AV equipment to an HDMI-enabled display. Other people who are a bit more technically advanced want more details. That’s okay. We’re happy to provide all the information we can so you know what you’re getting into.

If you’re looking for the tech specs on this product, here they are:

  • Input ports: 1 x RCA (yellow, white, red)
  • Output ports: 1 x HDMI
  • Weight: 40g
  • Composite input: PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N
  • HDMI output: 1080p /60Hz, 720p /60Hz
  • Converts analog composite input to HDMI 1080p (60HZ)
  • HDMI 1080p or 720p output
  • Support PAL, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, SECAM, PAL/M, PAL/N standard TV formats input

The Most Important Question…

…Is where can you get this RCA stereo/audio/video to HDMI converter/scaler? (There we go with that long product name again.) Well, the answer is simple and by now, you already know it. You can get this amazing adapter from Solid Signal, of course! Just visit the product page for this RCA-to-HDMI converter on our website or call 888-233-7563. You also can fill out the form below and send it to us.

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