“How Much Does DIRECTV for RVs Cost?”

RV owners ask us this all the time and it makes perfect sense. The thing is, there is A LOT more to RV in your RV than just the price tag.

When someone asks about the cost for DIRECTV in their RV, we always say, “It depends.” We’re not trying to be evasive. It’s just that there are so many variables involved. The programming package, additional channels, and equipment you use are some of the things that factor into the overall cost. We’ll discuss all of these things with you. Before we do that, we want to share something else that’s very important to all RV owners.

DIRECTV in an RV is an Investment!

When you get DIRECTV in your RV, you’re getting years of quality entertainment. You take it with you wherever you go and you’ll get crystal clear reception every time, even when you’re boondocking. And the selection of channels and programming that DIRECTV offers is nearly endless, and you also get some local TV channels in the mix. Can you really put a price on the best entertainment that you can rely on from your driveway to the campground?

When you get DIRECTV from our Signal Connect division, you get FREE tech support and account management for as long as you have satellite TV. This means if you run into a connection issue, your Signal Connect rep helps you fix it over the phone. Our reps also handle any billing changes and everything else related to your account. While DIRECTV for an RV has its cost, our account management services are priceless!

Here’s How Much DIRECTV for RVs Costs

Like we said above, your individual cost varies depending on a handful of factors. We want to make you aware of these factors because this list is made up of everything that goes into your decision to have DIRECTV installed in your RV, motorhome, or camper. What we’re listing here are some basics to give you an idea of the costs involved:

  1. Programming: In a nutshell, these are the mix of the national channels you choose to watch. DIRECTV offers a variety of packages, each with a different price and programming mix. As this article is being written, these packages typically start as low as about $39.99 per month plus taxes for qualifying customers. Ask your DIRECTV expert about special offers and free upgrades.
  2. Specialty Channels: You can always opt to add unique programming to your base package. One of DIRECTV’s most popular add-on channels is NFL Sunday Ticket. It lets you watch practically every NFL football game, both home and away. From sports to foreign language programming and more, DIRECTV offers a huge variety of extra channels.
  3. Satellite Dish: This is a given if you want to enjoy DIRECTV. If your RV already has one, chances are it should work with your new DIRECTV installation. If you need a new one, there are a variety of satellite dish options for RVs, each with its own cost. (Your Signal Connect rep can help you choose the best one for your installation.)
  4. DIRECTV Receiver: This is the “box” that goes inside your camper. You turn it on and point your remote control toward it to get the channels you want. Typically, a new DIRECTV receiver could cost you about $129.99. Again, you have some choices here, and each choice comes with a different price tag.
  5. Installation: Signal Connect works with professional installers in every state. We will arrange for one to put DIRECTV in your RV, camper, or motorhome.

To Get the REAL Cost for DIRECTV for RVs…

…You have to call Signal Connect. This division of our company is a DIRECTV dealer. Your Signal Connect rep will do a number of things to make sure you get the best price possible. With a phone call, we can find out if you qualify for any AT&T discounts. (AT&T owns DIRECTV.) Since Solid Signal is an electronic products dealer, your rep can get you the best pricing on satellite dishes, receivers, and equipment. Lastly, if Signal Connect is hosting any deals, your rep will be happy to let you know if you qualify for them.

So, if you REALLY want to know how much DIRECTV for RVs costs, you need to call Signal Connect. Dial 888-233-7563 to connect with a real, live person in our US-based headquarters. Our reps will happily answer any questions you have about DIRECTV in your RV! You also have the option of filling out the form below and sending it to us. Someone from Signal Connect will reach out to you.

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