Why upgrade to DIRECTV Genie?

If you’re still on the sidelines, this is definitely the time to look at the DIRECTV Genie system. If you’re still holding onto hardware from 2010 because you think it’s better or easier to understand, the facts are going to blow you away. Take a look:

Everything you like is still there.
Unlike the competition, DIRECTV’s Genie has the same user interface as all other current DIRECTV receivers. Everything is just where you expect it to be. All the buttons still work. You can still even keep your old DIRECTV remote, even though you’ll be given a new one that will point through walls and doors.  You can even use both the old remote and the new one.

A lot of stuff is even better.
The Genie DVR uses about half as much energy as an older DVR yet has twice the recording space. It runs faster and quieter, and it takes up less space. What else could you possibly want? Well, how about how the power supply was redesigned to be easy to replace — it’s the most common point of failure so replacing it means you don’t lose recordings.

Stuff you didn’t even think was possible.
Rich, interactive experiences. Watch something from last week while you’re recording five programs and downloading something on demand. Start programs from the beginning… even if you tune in at the end. Picture quality that’s four times better than HD. The ability to move your recordings to a tablet or smartphone. Faster searches and on-demand movies that start instantly. It’s all part of the Genie experience. (Of course, you’ll need a 4K TV for higher picture quality, that’s how it works.) Your DIRECTV experience can be so much more than you ever expected.

The best part… it could even be free.
If you’ve had DIRECTV service for a few years, the Genie DVR, new Genie clients and professional installation could come to you at practically no cost. Every person’s situation is different, which is why you really need to call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 and talk to our experts. We have ways of navigating through the DIRECTV computer systems — the same ones used by DIRECTV’s own staff — in order to get you the best possible deal. You could be looking at all new equipment and barely see any change to your bill. At the same time we can look to see if there are bundling discounts available in your area, even if you don’t have AT&T internet or wireless service. We’ve put together deals with dozens of regional providers and we can help you save money when you upgrade.

It all starts with a call…
Seriously, a no-obligation call to Solid Signal can get the ball rolling. It’s time to see what the future of television really looks like. Call 888-233-7563 and let the experts show you.

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