Installers love us. Here’s why.

Installation professionals are a breed apart. But you know that, if you’re reading this article. The world of electrical, home theater, networking, and audio/video installation has evolved an enormous amount in the 21st century, and the people who work in the field have stepped up.

Today’s installer needs to do more than just run wire. They need to be versed in the how and the why of the devices they’re putting in. They need to be talented in multiple disciplines, and know just the right tool for the job. If this sounds like someone you know, make sure they know all about Solid Signal and Signal Connect.

Solid Signal

There aren’t many places that an installer can go to for the kind of tools they need. I’m not talking about stuff you pick up in the discount bin. I’m talking about tools that will work, day in and day out. The kind of stuff that you used to be able to buy at the hardware store, and the kind of high-tech equipment that today’s installations require. There really is a difference between a $2 wire cutter and a $200 wire cutter, and if you need the $200 wire cutter, you know why. can help installation professionals with all that. Whether it’s a safety harness, a multimeter, or a specialty compression tool, you’ll find it all when you shop for installation accessories at Most of these things aren’t available at any price online except at Solid Signal. Best of all we offer everything you need with low prices and reasonable shipping because we know that it’s hard enough to make money these days.

Signal Connect

You know what’s better than getting the tools you need? Getting paid for the work you do. It’s gotten harder and harder to find those installation gigs, and we know it. If you’re an installer, you might remember when practically every high-end home theater system came with a day’s worth of labor. Hard for the customer to swallow, but great for your bottom line. A lot of that has dried up because home theater systems are so much simpler now.

On the other hand, commercial work is booming. Every company needs network wires, Wi-Fi, and all sorts of other work. That sort of work took a hit the last two years but it’s back with a vengeance. That is, if you can find it.

Signal Connect, the commercial arm of the Signal Group, has an installer referral program that will help you get the work you’re looking for in your area. No matter your specialty, you can find the work you need when you affiliate with us.

Installation professionals for marine and mobile technologies are always in demand, and Signal Connect can help you find those jobs before anyone else. But of course we have to know you in order to recommend you, right?

The number you need to know

Whether you need information about a part at our web site or want to get on our authorized installer referral program, there’s just one number to know: 888-233-7563. Call us during East Coast business hours to get the support you need! We’re here for the installation community. You work hard enough.. let us help you wherever we can.

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