Learn about the antennas of April Antennathon!

Antennathon is here and prices are lower than ever on the antennas you really want! Let’s take a closer look at the top sellers, and why you would choose each one.

Prices are good through April 30, 2022 and are subject to change without notice.

Xtreme Signal HDB4X

This antenna is super popular with the suburban crowd. Featuring reception from 45+ miles away, it’s still compact enough to work with HOA rules that require antennas to be smaller than 39″. It goes together easily and mounts on a tripod or any vertical post. It’s the perfect choice for most folks because it’s flexible and powerful.

Xtreme Signal HDB8X

Have you ever seen an antenna do tricks? This one does. You get the power of two antennas in one with the Xtreme Signal HDB8X. You can move its two individual booms to face the same direction for 65+ mile reception for distant areas. Or, you can rotate the booms so they face up to 180 degrees from each other. This is the perfect antenna for those who live between two major cities and want to get reception from both.

Xtreme Signal HD8200XL

You want the big guy? Well here he is. This is the largest antenna designed for consumer over-the-air reception sold in the US. You won’t get one bigger… or better. You can get true 75+ mile range with this antenna, and it does something smaller antennas simply can’t. It picks up channels 2-6, which makes it really unique among antennas. There are still many stations which broadcast on these lower frequencies, and if you want to receive them, you’ll want an antenna like this one.

Winegard HD7694P

You want power without the paunch? This antenna delivers true 65+mile range for UHF as well as VHF channels 7-13. If you don’t need channels 2-6 you can use this more compact antenna and save a little money. It’s worth taking a second look at this US-made antenna, which will keep performing year after year.

Televes DATBOSS Mix

Have you ever said, “They don’t make them like that anymore? You’re in luck. They do. Televes offers this antenna for UHF and VHF-High reception with 60 mile reception in a compact package. It’s better built than any other antenna today and will work so well, your grandkids will be able to use it!

Xtreme Signal HD-BLADE

This tiny antenna is no lightweight. Offering reception for channels up to 30 miles away, it’s so small and thin it will practically disappear. It’s the indoor antenna that really delivers performance without the price! NOW get 2 HD-BLADES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!

Winegard FlatWave

Looking for a compact indoor antenna that doesn’t skimp on features? Winegard’s FlatWave gives you up to 25 mile performance with a top-quality cable attached. Set it and for get it! It’s light enough to attach to a wall with a piece of tape!

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