This little HDMI switch solves a lot of problems

Set it and forget it. That’s the promise of our Automatic 1×2 HDMI Switch. It’s the solution to the problem of not having enough HDMI ports on your TV or monitor. Connect two devices to it and connect it to your TV. It’s HDCP compliant which is practically necessary for today’s electronics. And the price… well it can’t be beat.

It does what you need

What makes this little switch special isn’t just its abilty to pass all program content, even copy-protected content. It isn’t the one-button switching ability that makes it easy to switch sources even if you can’t see what you’re doing. No, what makes this one special is that it automatically detects which device is on and which is off and intelligently switches between the two. That’s even better than “easy…” that reaches into the realm of “no-brainer.” Of course if you do keep both sources on at the same time you can manually switch between them, but that’s no fun and it means you have to get up from your comfy chair. What fun is that? Just turn off the thing you don’t want to use and turn on the thing you do want to use and this little switch will do all the work for you. No changes or additions are needed to your remote control and this will work with 99% of devices. (You know, we can’t promise 100%, that wouldn’t be fair.)

Because everyone needs an extra port

Televisions today don’t come with enough HDMI ports. There, I said it. When I bought my first HDMI TV, it had ports a’plenty. Not only were there HDMI but also component, composite, VGA, S-Video, everything. Seriously. But over time most manufacturers took those ports away. Most people want a smart TV that has everything built in. If they’re cord-cutters, they have the TV and literally nothing else but an antenna. If they’re pay-TV customers there’s a cable or satellite box.

But you, you, the Solid Signal Faithful, need more. You need a way to hook up a surround system. Maybe you still have a physical disc player, because why give up that huge library you amassed? You may want to connect a PC, a gaming box, a streaming box… and that’s a lot of ports that your TV simply doesn’t have.

And even better, that port is where you need it.

There’s an extra, added benefit to this device. It puts the HDMI port at the end of a cable. This means you don’t need to reach around to the back of your TV to connect something. If you’re like me, you’re always hooking up something new and this makes it a lot easier to do. Just that feature alone is worth it, but being able to hook up two devices and automatically switch between them is incredibly awesome.

Why not take a look at this little HDMI switch? Even if you don’t need it now, put it on the shelf for when you do, because there’s no question that you’ll need it eventually. What, you’re going to stop adding things to your home theater? Really?

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Stuart Sweet
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