Make new friends at the RV Park – host a watch party!

RVing is a national fad. People love finding new places and spending time on the open road. By bringing a bit of home with you, you avoid the problem of dodgy or expensive hotels. You have the option to eat “at home” to save a little money as well. But, it’s not just about what you and your family do. It’s also about the social experience. You could park at a rest stop for a night if you didn’t need services, but you don’t. You choose to go to an RV park. It’s all about the companionship, and getting to meet people you’d never run into anywhere else.

But why should people seek you out? If you’re shy, or you’re worried they are, it’s best to have a reason for people to come by. Cooking dinner for the whole park isn’t a really good option, but what about hosting a party?

The best way to attract people…

…is to give them something they want and can’t get anywhere else. Often times RV parks are off the beaten path, where cell service is scarce. So, why not have a watch party where everyone can sit down to see a sporting event, movie, or live competition show?

Of course in order to do that, you need TV reception. That means great cell service, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, or an antenna. Luckily you can get everything you need in one place.

Boost your cell service

A cell phone signal booster is one of the best and easiest investments you can make in your RV. A small antenna mounted to the top of the RV pulls in even the weakest signals, massively amplifies them, and blasts them at the highest legal power to the inside of your RV. If there’s even one tiny bar outside, you’ll get great reception. Great reception means crystal-clear video for your watch party.

Add Wi-Fi to your installation

Great cell service is a start, but it won’t give you the whole package. Not every device is capable of getting cell service. If you want to use a streaming device, you’ll need Wi-Fi. Also, cell boosters do a great job in the RV, but don’t do anything outside the RV. That’s why you need a hotspot.

A hotspot takes cell signal and converts it into usable Wi-Fi. This should be a draw by itself if you want to let your new friends get on the internet. It will also let you host that watch party on a big TV you can set up outside.

Over-the-air antenna

If you’re within 50 miles of a major city, you can get great over-the-air reception. Put up an antenna and you get access to sports, reality programs, and more. It’s all free, and it’s all there 24/7. While you can’t get reception when the RV’s moving, it’s easy to get when you’re parked.

The ultimate: Satellite TV

With an RV satellite TV system, you can get hundreds of channels of live and on-demand TV. It’s the perfect solution for making friends because you’re offering something people can’t get on their own.

You have your choice of systems. Some work even while you’re driving, which is pretty amazing if you ask me. Some support HD and even 4K. It’s up to you what you want to spend, and what you want to get.

Your friend in the business

The experts at Signal Connect have done more RV home theater and cell phone work than anyone else in the country. We’re the unquestioned leaders in the industry. Why not go with the experts? No matter how you want to upgrade the electronic experience in your RV, we can help!

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Make friends this RV season with a killer watch party! There’s one place to get what you need, and we’re here for you!

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