Meet up with us at the Pacific Marine Expo!

The Pacific Marine Expo is the largest and longest running commercial fishing and commercial marine trade show on the West Coast. It’s held each year in Seattle, and this year it starts TODAY! If you’re a commercial vessel owner or operator, this is the show for you! You’ll find over 500 exhibitors, education sessions, propulsion builders, suppliers, and a whole lot more.

This year the show is back with enhanced safety standards. They’re not making you pre-register, though, and so even if you hadn’t planned on going, you can still walk in if you happen to find yourself in Seattle today! Just go to the Lumen Field Event Center and get into the action!

Meet up with David Ross

David Ross is one of the top people in the world of marine satellite. Along with the other experts on our team, David has personally handled more marine satellite activations than anyone else. It’s his success, and the success of the rest of the Signal Connect team that has made us the #1 marine satellite service organization in the world!

You’ll find David walking the aisles at the expo all three days, just looking to meet up with people like you who need help. David’s always surrounded by fans at shows like this but he’s ready, willing, and able to meet new people as well!

Get the experts on your side

Working boat crews rely on satellite communication to get the job done. And they rely on satellite TV to help pass the time during the off hours. David Ross can show you the best options for satellite-based internet as well as satellite TV from all the major providers. If you’re working near the shore, he can show you innovative and low-cost ways to get better cell service on your boat… using the devices you already have!

It’s as simple as this. You don’t have time to research all the options. You want an expert who can lay it all out for you and just get you what you need. That’s exactly what we’re here to provide.

Get in touch with David Ross

Having a hard time finding him? Not planning to be in Seattle? You can always call David at 248-565-5574. Or, check out this page where you can find out a little more and fill in a form so he’ll contact you back. You deserve white glove service. We know that too, and that’s exactly how we’ll treat you. So meet up with David, whether you’re in Seattle or just on your own time from the comfort of your home over the phone!


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