Seems like DIRECTV is getting serious about this 4K stuff. The very first NASCAR race to be broadcast in 4K will be this year’s Monster Energy Cup from Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, Virginia. The race airs place April 2, starting at 2 p.m. Eastern and will be on DIRECTV channel 106.

This marks the first time that you can watch cars going around in a circle in miraculous Ultra High Definition. To be honest I’m a bit surprised because of the overall decline of NASCAR in the public’s perception since its heyday 20 years ago, but it’s good to see some investment here. The many sponsors whose names bedazzle every car will no doubt be pleased that you’ll be much more able to read them, and it should be interesting to see what 4K brings to the NASCAR party.

DIRECTV no longer offers a NASCAR package, citing flagging demand. In fact, in its final year (2013) the package was free for most viewers and still did not attract sufficient viewership. That same year, DIRECTV withdrew its sponsorship of NASCAR.

But hey, good on them for doing this, right? I’m sure there will be some folks (myself included) who will watch just to see what it looks like.

In happier and potentially more popular news, DIRECTV has also announced its 4K lineup for its MLB coverage:

4/4 – Cubs @ Cardinals
4/12 – Dodgers @ Cubs
4/21 – Nationals @ Mets
4/27 – Yankees @ Red Sox
4/28 – Cubs @ Red Sox

Of course all of these sporting events will air on DIRECTV’s regular channels – the NASCAR race will be on Fox Sports One, while the MLB games will probably be available solely to those viewers who watch have the Extra Innings package.

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