Have you seen the new DIRECTV ESPN app?

That’s right, MORE sports. You might have noticed something different if you tuned to one of the ESPN channels lately. Instead of the popup for scoreguide, you might have seen an ad for the new ESPN app experience. It’s available nationally for connected DIRECTV DVRs from HR21-HR24 and including all Genies.

This app, similar to the WatchESPN app, brings thousands of on demand clips and content from all the ESPN networks (including SEC and ACC) to one place. And, of course, it’s all in high definition.

If you have a DVR but you’re not connected to the internet, this is just another example of the great stuff you’re missing. It’s extremely easy to get connected, especially if you have a Genie (model HR44 or HR54) with built-in Wi-Fi. Press {MENU} and arrow down to “Get Connected.” Follow a few simple steps including putting in your Wi-Fi password and you’re all set!

This app has been over a year in the making and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Congratulations to the entire interactive TV department at DIRECTV who worked so hard with ESPN to make this happen!

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Stuart Sweet
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