New Ronard “Ultra Heavy Duty” satellite dish mounts now available

Seven new Ronard satellite dish mount models are now available for purchase. The new models are labeled as a heavier constructed set of tri-pod type mounts more suitable for installations invovling the newer, larger, heavier DIRECTV and Dish Network satellite dishes. Several variations include options for mounting on flat surfaces, peak, and/or slanted roof applications. While designed for heavier dishes, the RON1009 and RON5009 mounts can also be used for the smaller 18″ standard dishes.

Ronard Model Overview:
RON1101 – 5 Foot Satellite Tripod that supports up to 2 Inch O.D. Mast, for slanted peeak or flat roofs
RON1009 – 3 Foot Satellite Tripod with 5 Foot Mast, Supports 1.66 O.D. Dishes on flat roof
RON2009 – Same as RON1009, but equiped for peaked, or slanted roofs.
RON3009 – 3 Foot Satellite Tripod with 42 Inch Mast for Slim Line, AT9 (AU9-S) and Super Dish for flat roof
RON4009 – Same as RON3009 but for slanted, peaked, or flat roof
RON5009 – 17 Inch Satellite Tripod with 30 Inch Mast for standard 1.66 O.D. Dishes on slanted, peak or flat roofs
RON6009 – Same as RON5009 but accepts the Slim Line, AT9 (AU9-S) and Super Dish.